That Voice! I’d Know It Anywhere!

Guess who stopped by Monday Night Bingo last night and helped call a game?

Here’s a hint:  He’s the lead singer of one of my absolute favorite bands of all time.

Give up?   The answer is Fred Schneider of the B-52s!  He was on hand to promote his new holiday album, Destination… Christmas!, which he recorded with his other band, The Superions.  (Chip Duckett of Spin Cycle PR brought him by!)

Schneider & Simpson

Wow!  Back during my formative years in Minnesota, I listed to the B-52s’ very first album about a million times in a row.

Rock Lobster!

I’m forever grateful to Fred and his cohorts for providing so much of my youthful soundtrack.  It was truly an  honor to have him stop by!

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