All About Violet

It’s one of Hollywood’s finest films—All About Eve, in which a great star is betrayed by her ambitious subordinate, Eve Harrington.

It’s a story that I can well relate to…  Over the past couple of years I’ve been kind enough to hire mildly talented drag starlet Violet Temper to work at my weekly Bingo gigs, mostly as a spokesmodel (silently displaying prizes) and occasionally as a substitute hostess.

Guess which one is Violet.

Well, lucky me—This past Saturday, when I again hired Violet to sub, NBC happened to send over a camera crew to film a segment for the network’s online guide to NYC after dark.

Dear sweet Violet of course jumped at the opportunity to fill my shoes and present herself as the grand dame.   If you can stomach her blatant attempt to steal my crown, watch the segment here!  (Isn’t she a doll to refer to me exactly once (once!)?


According to cheery Violet, the clip might also appear on the NYC Taxi Entertainment Network so scores of passengers can enjoy watching her on their backseat TV screens.  (Not the first time she’s “pleasured” others in the back of a cab…)

Congratulations on your rise to the top, Eve… I mean Violet.

I guess it could have been worse.  My cohost Murray Hill also had the night off.  At least he didn’t get another chance to try to push me out of the spotlight.  Damn, showbiz is cutthroat.  Hmmm, cutting their throats…  Good idea!

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