Drag queen wedding in Times Square.

What Do You Wear To A Drag Queen Wedding?

I like this political action because it’s so wacky!

Next Magazine reports on a new and unusual wedding ceremony that occurs every Saturday at Times Square.   All the participants are drag queens—the bride, the groom and the organizer, Kitten Withuwip, who plays pastor.

According to Ms. Withuwip, it’s a way to help convince Middle American tourists that same-sex matrimony is A-Okay.

Ha!  Do you think the tourists will get the idea that all gay marriages are like this?

Kitten flanked by Azraea (left) and Frosty Flakes.

It’s certainly more colorful than the guy-guy and gal-gal weddings profiled in the NY Times!

Volunteers are welcome to get married.  Finally, it’s my chance to get hitched—to another drag queen…?!  I wonder if Lady Bunny is busy on Saturdays?  Gag!

Bravo to you, brave activist queens!  I’m definitely going to check it out!  Here are the details.

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