The Reason I’m Org, Not Com

Naturally my first choice for a website domain name was

But to my utter consternation, some hussy had already claimed it.

Linda “Com” Simpson sells property in rural Pennsylvania.  “I know real estate, love dogs and wine,” she brags on her home page.

She’s also an expert at cyber stealing from deserving drag queens!

But, really, how can I stay mad at another Linda Simpson?  I forgive her, she is my sister.

Besides, I actually prefer “org.”  Has a nice sexy ring.

Org forever!

3 thoughts on “The Reason I’m Org, Not Com”

  1. I prefer to pronounce it “Or-G”
    “Linda Simpson dot Orgy”
    So much sexxxier, no?

  2. You should have signed up as a .edu, at least the blog will have some sense of respectability.

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