You Want Drag History? I’ll Give You Drag History!

Did you know it’s Drag History Month?  So decrees LGBT cable network LOGO:  “Logo celebrates those who dared to be different (and fabulous at the same time) with a loving tribute to the brave drag queens and kings who have contributed to our nation’s rich cultural heritage.”

So how come I wasn’t contacted?  I’m historical (yet young) and brave (yet femmy) and have made a huge impact on our culture (Yes!).

Oh well, at least it’s an excuse to post more old photos.  After all, it’s Drag History Month!


WHEN: April, 1991

WHERE: Carnegie Hall

WHAT: Downtown drag bohemia infiltrates NYC’s most prestigious music hall when avant-garde darling John Kelly performs a concert as his operatic alter-ego, Dagmar Onassis.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Do drag!


Tabboo! and me as a blond!


Nan Goldin, Tabboo! and Siobhan


Madame as Ekaterina Bachinskaya and John Kelly


Sister Dimension applied a wart to the tip of her high-society nose.


Pearl, Charlie Atlas, Kate and Richard


Byron Suber, munching at the reception.


Ice cream! Tom Rubnitz, Sister Dimension and Pearl


What fabulous inspiration for a historical TV mini-series!  Are you listening, LOGO?

2 thoughts on “You Want Drag History? I’ll Give You Drag History!”

  1. Wow. It’s fantastic to see these photos. Hell with the LOGO show, you need to write a book.

  2. Hey Linda thanks for sharing the pic of you with Tom.
    I dated sweet Tom a few years before his death. I had some great memories.

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