Transformer Gal

It was so worth it to venture into the cold last night to catch One Man Show, in which “female female impersonator” World Famous *BOB* shares her colorful life story.  (More info at her website.)

I saw the show in its infancy, and since then it has been molded into a really great performance piece about the joys, challenges and absolute necessity of self transformation.  In Bob’s case, a rebellious yet eternally optimistic farm girl (with big boobs) plunges head first into Hollywood gay culture, San Francisco’s drag-queen scene, New York’s decadent nightlife and the world of burlesque.

Not only does she join the ranks of her new-found communities, she becomes a shining star!

Hosting at the old Cock, on Avenue A.
Performing at the "new" Cock.

Compared to most people’s lives, Bob’s journey has been freaky, shocking even.  But she recalls her unconventional adventures in such an upbeat manner that they become delightful and empowering fairy tales.  Even the yuppies in the audience were laughing with glee.

I’d love to see a sequel.  I know Bob has got many more tales to tell!

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  1. She sure knows how to tell a good story, and would like to hear more too.
    And when are we hearing Linda’s story???

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