Farewell Castle Club!

My latest theatrical endeavor, The Emperor’s New Codpiece (set a gay Medieval nightclub) has come to a close.

After a fantastic six-week run, I’m definitely ready to tackle other stuff in my life.  But boy, oh boy, am I going to miss my cast mates.

We all got along fabulously—on and off-stage.


BUENAVENTURA RODRIGUEZ as mighty go-go dancer Emperor. "Give me a coin, you can touch my groin."


PATRICK JOHNSON as ambitious peasant girl Hildegard. "Oh, how I dost long verily to perform."


MICHELLE OJEDA as comely maiden Guinevere. "My feet be swift and dance with skill and glee."


NICHOLAS GORHAM as monastery student and go-go dancer Camelot. "For religious life, tis much I sacrifice."


I can’t wait to see them all again!  A reunion party soon is a must!

(Photos by J.P. Pullos)

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