Tardy for the Party Across the Street!

I was beyond fashionably late to gossip journalist Michael Musto’s book release party a couple of nights ago.

But I still managed to catch Mr. Musto and some attendees, plus it was a good chance to check out the Copacabana nightclub, which relocated this summer right across the street from where I live.  You never know when I might want to take up Salsa dancing!


At the Copa, Copacabana, hottest spot north of Havana!


Who dot girl? Me! Checking out party host Michael Musto!


Vanity Society, who reigns as Emperor of the Imperial Court, and Flotilla DeBarge, who reigns as nothing.


In keeping with the title of Musto's new book, performer Dirty Martini stabs herself in the back as she poses with the author and Murray Hill.


After the party I hung out with journalist Gerry Visco who revealed that she buys all her makeup at 99¢ stores in Spanish Harlem. Gee, I didn't think she spent that much!


Latin music legend Celia Cruz smiles down on me and dashing Chaz Kourday.


Final photo of the night: panic stricken Dirty Martini whisked away in a cab. I still haven't heard from her...



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