Behind the Scenes at SPANK / LIVE!


Backstage at SPANK / LIVE last night was quite the scene.  Fashion!  Glamour!  Showbiz intrigue!


Cody Critcheloe, captivating lead singer of SSION, flanked by backup singers Colin and Murphy, with performance artist Raul de Nieves on far left.



Princess Xtravaganza making the most of her environment.



Princess Xtravaganza and back-up dancers strike a pose!



OMG, I can’t believe you were waiting with a camera for me to come off stage!



Raul modeling his fetching maxi dress—by Ralph Lauren!



A book reading at a club can be a recipe for disaster.  But Justin Vivian Bond enthralled all with her new novella, “Tango.”



Hot Stuff!  Little Victory band members Zan, Kelly, Massimo and Daniel.



From Planet Fierce! Performer Clifton flanked by dancers including Xander, left.



Massimo giving me a congratulatory hug for changing from one short sequin dress into another!


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