Can Amanda Lepore Make Me Rich?

Prices were refreshingly low at Pop Souk, the smash-hit shopping bazaar organized by Ms. Ladyfag this past weekend.

The few pricier items included “Time Tranny,” a rare Swatch Watch from 2000 adorned with a photo by David LaChapelle of his transsexual muse Amanda Lepore.

The seller wanted $300.  I hope he got it because I have the watch, too!



Mine is mint condition with the original packaging.

And as much as I adore Amanda, I’ll sell her in a heart beat!

Any takers?

One thought on “Can Amanda Lepore Make Me Rich?”

  1. Ha! that is the problem in this town, people thinking that tranny going to make anybody rich. In the other hand she live in a room where she has to share the bathroom eith the others guest at Hotel 17. Smoking mirrors

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