Faggy Fashion Fridays—Halston to the Dancefloor!

Yakked with Lady Bunny last night about her cabaret show (extended through November) and the recent party she attended at Studio 54, a high-profile SiriusXM Radio event meant to evoke the wild disco era.

No surprise that it fell short.  (Many party goers weren’t even dancing, says Bunny, who kept to the theme by bringing poppers.)

Oh well, better to relive Studio 54 via old photos, including this 1979 after-dark Halston advertising spread (scanned from my ancient files).

A model portrays Halston, and is that “first supermodel” Janice Dickinson on the far left in the top photo?  Other Halstonettes include Karen Bjornson, Pat Cleveland, Sterling St. Jacques and Roseanne Vela.  Disco!




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