Faggy Fashion Fridays – Mr. Lingerie Model

Ignore the low prices for these fetching outfits from “Apres Noir,” makers of fine lingerie for men.  The images are from a catalog I picked up over a decade ago, and, anyway, the company no longer exists.


From "The Chelsea Rose" Collection - Bra and garter $22 each.


More power to the model! 

The job was definitely unusual, yet he stepped up to the challenge with grace and confidence.


"Softest of pinks."


I assume he’s since retired from modeling.  Do you think once in a while he pours himself a glass of Chardonnay and slowly flips through the catalog as he relives his days of satin and lace?


"Outrageously flirtatious."


From "The Red Rose" Collection


"Inspired by 1950s pin-ups."

One thought on “Faggy Fashion Fridays – Mr. Lingerie Model”

  1. Apres noir still exists! We changed the name to xdress years ago for our usa customers who had trouble with french names. The photography and models have evolved over the years.

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