Halloween Extended Holiday Update!

(In honor of the sacred Halloween holiday, “Every Night in Drag” is postponed this week.  Updates continue next week.)

I couldn’t wait to start the Halloween festivities.  I’ve already gone out in costume two nights in a row!

Saturday’s snowstorm forced me to resort to an all-weather look.  So I grabbed my old reliable clown outfit with the honking rubber nose.

Occupy Clown Street!


I ended up at Xanadu, the roving dance party, which was held at a Manhattan loft space, up six flights of stairs!  The place was packed with tons of cute guys in all sorts of great get-ups.


The Swimming Pools performed a rousing set, with hostess Sylvia London joining Christophe (left) and Daniel on vocals. (Sylvia was a "man-eater," thus her crusty blood.)


I'm nuts for nun costumes!


Love the Leigh Bowery tribute! (Justin and Cory were grateful to me for helping them get boobs!)


And last night, Halloween Eve, I also opted to cover my face.

Woman of mystery.


I went to Tranny Strip at Evolve on East 58th, which was an absolute blast. For the costume contest I tied for first place with Amy Winehouse (my pal Cathy Valdez)! I won $40! I'm rich!


I celebrated with Jacko!


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More Halloween shenanigans to come!

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