Last Day for the Devil

I was so wiped out yesterday from my three-nights-in-a-row Halloween marathon that I didn’t get around to posting my final pix until now.


For those of you keeping score, I started out on Saturday night in my always dependable clown suit.

I love circus animals!


On Halloween Eve, I was an alien sea-monster kind of gal.

Can you believe it, I ended up bringing home a really hot trannychaser! I told him I didn't have on makeup, but he was like, no problema!


For Halloween itself it was Devil Time!

Stopped at my friend Ann's for some posing.


I spent most of the night at the rock & roll party “Oh You Pretty Things” at Le Poisson Rouge and had an absolute blast.

Worship me, strange creatures!


Bring me another cocktail!


Today I came upon a Halloween costume pop-up store that was closing down.  Today was its last day, with all merchandise at 50% off.  The selection was spotty, but I ended up buying $60 worth of stuff!  There were some items I can wear anytime, like tights and false eyelashes, and the other stuff will make good Bingo prizes.  And it’s never too early to start planning next year…


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