Lured By Lady Gaga

Barney’s department store bash celebrated the hatching of “Gaga’s Workshop,” a holiday boutique featuring collectable Lady G knick knacks.

Gaga was there—before I arrived!  From what I heard, she pretty much just walked in, then walked out.

But the party continued…


Iggy looking divine! Could Gaga ever pull off this look?


Celso looked divine! Could Gaga ever pull off this look?


Christophe (center) of the art collective Assume Vivid Astro Focus (who designed the workshop) wore a reflective material that wrecked havoc on photo taking. On the right are DJ Honey Dijon and my pal Edmundo.


Sophia Lamar dismissed the party as tired. How unusual for her to complain!


Designer Philippe Blond was blond.


Celso's eyes! Plus Peter and me.


I was getting fuzzy—time to go. Thanks Miss Gaga! Best of luck with your new shop!

One thought on “Lured By Lady Gaga”

  1. God, Sophia Lamar looking so young , i guess for that “gal” a complaint is like a cosmetic procedure God bless her

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