NYC Nightlife – The Trends, the Fashions, the Eyebrows!

I learn so much from visiting photographer Jeff Eason’s NYC nightlife website.


Big sparkly drag-pageant necklaces are fashionable, popular, common.



Gusty Winds’ eyebrows have reached new heights!



Ladyfag’s armpits are bushier than ever!  And shedding!

With British performer Pam Ann.



RuPaul’s Drag Race winner Raja owns the world’s largest purse!

With model Andrej Pejic.



Coco Peru has finally, finally changed her hairstyle!!!!!



But for how long…?


One thought on “NYC Nightlife – The Trends, the Fashions, the Eyebrows!”

  1. It so interesting to see Raja and Andrej together. Raja looks quite harsh by comparison but I guess that’s to be expected. They could probably be made to look almost identical with the same make-up job.

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