“Sea of Light” – My New Year’s Day Performance Art Piece

I was determined to kick off 2012 on a creative note, and set the tone for a creative year…  And you know what, so far it seems to be working.




Drag queen artiste Linda Simpson starts her new year on 1/1/12 in glowing Times Square with “Sea of Light,” a ceremonial, site-specific, multi-media, multi-perspective performance piece in which she publicly proclaims her renewed commitment to creativity and enlightenment.

As the piece begins, an audience has gathered at a high-rise apartment overlooking Times Square.  On the street below, Linda embarks on a block-long walk to Time Square while upholding an “underwater starship” (made for swimming pools) that emits beautiful multi-color patterns.  The audience watches her procession from the apartment’s windows as well as on a monitor via a live video broadcast transmitted by a cameraman accompanying Linda.

Once Linda reaches Times Square, she makes four separate proclamations at different locations.  The finale is scheduled for the top of the glass staircase above the TKTS booth, which turns out to be closed to the public.  Undeterred, Linda ascends the stairs and gives her final proclamation surrounded by a luminous cityscape.  She then descends the stairs in triumph and retraces her journey back to the apartment for a celebratory reception.



Soundtrack: Siouxsie and the Banshees’ “Sea of Light” (the inspiration for the title of the performance piece), Anne Clark’s “Swimming” and Frankie Knuckles’ “The Whistle Song.”

Primary camerawork: James Daher and Tim McNerney
Additional camerawork: Derek Fearon
Video editing: James Daher
Still photography: Andrew Ayres




6 thoughts on ““Sea of Light” – My New Year’s Day Performance Art Piece”

  1. Thanks for sharing this Linda. I’m a huge Siouxsie fan so when I read the title I was hoping that it would incorporate the song Sea of Light – and it did! I love what you did and I think that what you’ve done is what it’s really all about – the mingling of the sacred/artistic with the mundane. Thank you…

  2. I really enjoyed collaborating in the production of this piece! I look forward to hopefully working on other projects like this.

  3. Wow! This is amazing! I wanna swim in your sea of light! Can’t wait for your next piece!

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