Boo-Hoo! Camera Goes Bye Bye

Bummer!  I lost my camera on Saturday night.

I’ve lost so many cameras over the years that it doesn’t even phase me anymore.  I cram too much stuff into my purses and things are bound to spill out.  Oh, and excessive alcohol consumption leading to clumsiness probably plays a minor part.

What does bug me is that I had a whole mess of great pix that I didn’t get to download, including Saturday’s foray with Sylvia London to Urge where we sat at the bar and got to intimately know each and every one of the go-go boys.  And after that Sylvia and I went to a Goth dance party!

If anyone finds a camera with a whole mess of photos of drag queens stuffing dollars into g-strings and dancing with ghouls, it’s mine!


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