Return of the Camera!!!

Miracle of miracles!  After mourning yesterday for my lost camera, I got it back!  Rejoice!

Sure enough, it was where I thought I had left it: the Bowery Poetry Club, my last (tipsy) stop on Saturday night.  A million thanks to the kind and selfless soul that turned it in.

At last I can share my vital photos from that fateful night!


Happy-go-lucky Linda at the beginning of the night. No problem with keeping track of my camera then!


Thank the Lord I didn't lose this photo of Sylvia slutting it up with an Urge go-go dancer.


Another precious slutty memory.


Whee, get down! Feeling undead at the Goth party Necromantic at Bowery Poetry Club!


Air guitar! I think that's what Sylvia was doing... She might have just been itching.


Last photo of the night. Sylvia had trouble focusing. Of course I was in perfect control... Just happened to misplace my camera. Could have happened to anyone...


HAPPY ENDING!  Welcome back, camera!


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