Goodness gracious!  Last night I crashed attended Yoko Ono’s 79th rollicking birthday party at Le Poisson Rouge!

She looks fantastic and gave a great performance—Absolute proof that a lady can be vital and creative at any age!


My five-foot-away shot of the legend that is Yoko Ono!


The club was fantastically decorated including tree branches dangling with messages of world peace.


There was also an incredible hall of mirrors!


Rufus Wainwright gave a captivating performance with his sister Martha.


Among the guests were artist Terrence Koh.


Bigwig curator Klaus Biesenbach of New York's Museum of Modern Art.


Sean Lennon drag queen Linda Simpson
Me and Sean Lennon! He played DJ for much of the night and many of the guests were his friends.



What an amazing opportunity to celebrate the Queen Mother of the Avant-Garde!



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