Madonna Vs. Giant Rodent

Did you hear about the Madonna/Molly/Mouse “controversy?”

This past weekend in Miami, Madonna, who’s pimping her new album MDNA,  appeared on stage at the Ultra electronic music festival and asked the crowd, “How many people have seen Molly?” (TMZ has the video.)



Molly is slang for the drug Ecstasy!  Well, Madonna’s antics did not go over well with electronic superstar producer DJ DeadMau5 (who distinguishes himself by wearing a modernistic mouse head!).



In a volley of tweets, Facebook and Tumblr posts, he blasted Madonna as a “fucking idiot” for sullying the reputation of electronic dance music!

Hold on, countered Madonna.  Her “Molly” remark, she insists, was about the song “Have You Seen Molly” by her electronic producer pal Cedric Gervais.  And for the record, she “doesn’t support drug use.”


My thoughts about this earth-shattering conflict:

*Of course Madonna was making a blatant reference to Ecstasy!  It’s the same reason she chose to name her album MDNA, one letter away from MDMA, the chemical name for Ecstasy.  She wants to be hip and edgy (cause drugs are hip)!  How ridiculous and dishonest for her to play naive!  (Gervais’ song is also obviously about E.)

*As far as DeadMau5, is he truly outraged at a silly drug remark at an electronic music concert?  Good Lord, 99% of the crowd at those kind of gatherings are flying high on some sort of substance.  Does he really think Madonna’s wink-wink pandering is going to tarnish his precious dance scene?  His mouse head must be screwed on too tight.

*Both Madonna and DeadMau5 have a distorted perspective about integrity and telling the truth.  They should definitely collaborate!

*Legalize drugs!



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