Pix from WestGay!

I stumbled home very late last night from my guest hosting job at the new party WestGay.  The location is the WestWay club, which used to be an adult-entertainment complex and still features the same great dark and naughty atmosphere.

Lots of the pix by Tim McNerney!


The WestWay is located in the far West Village where the streets are made out of stones, making street-walking a bit challenging.


A German, an Argentinian and a Sovanian walk into a gay bar...


I really perked up when I got to stand next to Jiggly Caliente of "RuPaul's Drag Race!"


Kyle poses with colorful Geri Visco. She holds a full-time day job at Colombia University then hits the clubs every night!


I hosted a runway walk off, which attracted a smattering of enthused contestants.


She won for best runway walk (but not for best tuck)!


Time for a go-go conga line! My arm is the most manly of all!


Sexy bartender was my last shot of the night! What a cutie!


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