BON VOYAGE to my pal Brian Moylan who has left his job as a contributing writer at Gawker.  How I’ll miss his lively gay gossip!

Me and Monsieur Moylan

Brian says he’ll be making a “big announcement” about his next gig once he returns from vacation in Brazil.  I like getting together with him because he rarely checks his phone!  His ability to compartmentalize and simplify his life is a great example for us all!



CONGRATULATIONS to Erwin, or maybe his name is Edwin, who works or worked at Splash bar in some capacity.  Obviously I don’t know much about him, but I’ve always thought he was a sexy little devil—and now he’s made an X-rated video (as “Ivan”) with his boyfriend, porn star Kennedy Carter.

Ivan + Kennedy = HOT!

Apparently Ivan needed a little coaxing, but once the cameras started rolling all inhibitions went out the door!


SEE YOU LATER to Lady Bunny who’s winding down her cabaret show, That Ain’t No Lady, with one more performance on March 20th.

California bound!

The show has been running since October, thanks largely to a rave review in the New York Times.  But Bunny’s got to leave for L.A. to film the next season of LOGO’s Drag U.  Have you seen the show?  Bunny is a judge.  Like Judge Judy, but not as pretty.



WELCOME BACK to the Freaky Boiz, the gay rap duo from Chicago who I got to introduce at BUTT Magazine‘s Valentine’s Day bash.


The Boiz are playing this Sunday at Brooklyn’s PS1, which I hear is a hotbed of homosexuality.  Holla!



BREAK A LEG to Farrad, who I first met as Negro Dazzle when he was bopping around as part of the Dazzle Dancers (Time for a comeback, guys!).

Black Magic!

This Friday and Saturday, Farrad is performing “Black Magic” at Wild Project about his experience in the music world, including coping with the age-old dilemma of art versus commerce.  Sounds intriguing—I can relate!


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