First Notice! BINGO-GO!

It’s my big break!  After  a couple of years of hosting Le Bingo in the lounge of Le Poisson Rouge, I’ve been offered the big stage in the main room—for an incredible bonus show on Friday, May 4th!

For the occasion, I’m putting together something totally new—BINGO-GO!—everyone’s favorite game of chance in a sexy new format with a cast of kooky show-offs!



Each game features it’s own naughty twist as players vie for an incredible array of prizes (from great to goofy!), including a climactic cash jackpot!   In between and during games is a dazzling display of striptease, comedy and song!

I’m putting a lot of work into the event and I promise it’s gonna be great.  So mark your calendars now!

I will definitely be reminding you!



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