Sharon Needle$$$$$$$

This season of RuPaul’s Drag Race isn’t over yet, but it’s pretty obvious that witty goth queen Sharon Needles is by far the most likely to emerge victorious—and win $100,000!



So what should she should buy with her cash?  Some suggestions…

*A sweeping floor-length cape made out of dead bats.

*A complete new wardrobe by Ralph Lauren, just to fuck with everyone.

*A diamond encrusted skull & crossbones tattoo on her forehead.

*Maid service by Jiggly Caliente.

*Tons of plastic surgery to look just like Cher and bury Chad Michael’s career.



*A Party City franchise.  Duh!

*Baby blood, lots of it, for drinking and bathing.

*Singing and dancing lessons—for RuPaul!

*A sex change, but with three tits and two vaginas.

*A one-way ticket out of Pittsburgh!  Fast!


Hail the new queen!



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