Ms. Culture Vulture

It’s been a whirlwind lately for me of art, music and film!  Among my recent activities…


*Michael Bilsborough’s new exhibit of geometric drawings at Invisible Exports gallery on the Lower East Side.  Great opening—tons of socializing!

Artist Michael Bilsborough (right) and friend.


*Performance at Public Assembly by minimal electronics duo Xeno and Oaklander.   My first time hearing and seeing them—I can’t wait to catch them again!

Xeno and Hollander's captivating female half, Liz Wendlebo.


*Trans artist Wu Tsang at the Whitney Museum discussing his quasi-documentary Wildness, about a transgender bar in working-class L.A. and its various patrons.   The movie is fascinating—lots and lots of layers!

Wu is a smarty and is a great speaker!


*Plus I managed to sneak in a night on the town hanging out with Natasha a.k.a. Madison Payne.

It didn't take much to convince Natasha to pose!
Me in a classy crotch shot!


So much to do and see!  I’ll rest when I’m dead!


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