Aging Not So Gracefully…

How lucky am I that the great Warhol superstar Taylor Mead performs before the Bingo I host on Mondays at Bowery Poetry Club.


Each week Mr. Mead delivers an always fascinating mix of his eccentric poetry and memories, including ditching his WASP lifestyle in the 1950s to join the beatniks in San Francisco and then the 1960s Factory scene in NYC.  He wraps up his show right when his meds start kicking in.  Then he goes to the bar, drinks and plays some games.

Last week I hung out with him after Bingo. His reputation is that of a curmudgeon, but he likes me, and we had a great time chatting.  He said he’s going to London soon to perform, which is pretty amazing considering he’s 87-years-old.

Here’s a good  interview with him from 2004 in The Brooklyn Rail.




Primary colors!

At the opening of EXHIBIT A, I’m flanked by performer Sylvia London and gossip gadfly Michael Musto.

Photo is cute, but I look greasy.   Not cute.

Also, I’m wearing my Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder wig, which I bought after my father died.  It cost me a fortune and was not a rational purchase.  My brain was cluttered I and should not have been making any major decisions.  So now I’m stuck with a PTSD wig which doesn’t even cover my greasy forehead!


(Photo by Chris Gagliardi / @PhotoKidsPhotos)



This video still from EXHIBIT A is of me and Alex Garcia acting out a sexy scenario to my pre-recorded voice and Donna Summer’s “Spring Affair” playing in the background.

I must say the act was pretty effective.  Alex was smoldering and helped bring out the temptress in me.

But that dress!  I think it was riding up in this photo, but it’s still way too insanely short.  Looks like I’m wearing a tank-top.

Dear Goddess, when will I ever learn…?


(Image by Tony Phillips)


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