Is Carmen Carrera a Vixen Victim?

Carmen Carrera, former sex-symbol contestant from RuPaul’s Drag Race, has put her drag days behind her.  Since having to sashay-away (fifth place, not bad), she’s transitioned into a foxy tranny with a pair of perky boobs to prove it.



Honey, she passes!  Fish for days!

But even bombshells encounter bumps in the road.  Ms. C is in a sour mood after last night’s episode of Cake Boss, a TLC reality show about a baker from Hoboken.  He’s got some guido cousin and Carmen was brought on board to flirt hot-and-heavy with him at a party, and then—get this—it was revealed that she’s really a he!  OMG, what a hilarious concept!



Carmen says that she was hoping to “promote equality” by appearing on the show, but she has taken to her Facebook page to angrily denounce how the reveal was done in an exploitative manner!  The show’s producers, she says, assured her that it would absolutely not be a “Jerry Springer” gotcha moment.  And to make matters even worse, the baker scoffingly referred to her as a “man!”

Some Internet commentators are arguing that Carmen should have know better to appear on a show that was bound to be insensitive.  It is reality TV after all.  But Ms. C has even started a petition demanding a public apology.

What do you think?  Is Carmen just a poor gal who’s been terribly wronged?


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