Lincoln Center was the scene of this year’s New Fest, NYC’s annual queer movie-a-thon.

Saturday’s late-night offering was Jobriath A.D, a documentary about the rise and fall of a gay rock star named Jobriath in the 1970s.



It’s a cautionary tale: Jobriath was so so massively over-hyped and manipulated by his record company (before he even released an album) that he was bound to be a disappointment.

Being gay, gay, gay made it pretty tough for him, too.


Yummy!  Manila of RuPaul’s Drag Race performed in Chicago the other night clad in Mickey D. couture.



Reminds me of a photo I snapped long ago of Kevin Africa competing in a ball at the Roxy.



On a related note, Spain’s Olympic team is upset about their McDonald’s-like uniforms!



 Not everyone likes fast food!