Uptown, Downtown

Jam-packed night earlier this week…

First on the agenda was a roast of Lady Bunny for her 50th birthday(!) at “Hot Mess,” the weekly drag revue starring her and a mess of other queens at XL nightclub.


Birthday gal backstage with sister kook Sugga Pie Koko.


Along with the other “roasters,” I took my place on stage as we waited our turn to throw daggers at Bunny.  (Figuratively speaking, of course!  Although real weapons would have been fun… )


Gossip columnist Michael Musto, actor David Ilku, and a quartet of queens—me, Flotilla De Barge, Miss Guy and Sherry Vine.  (Photo by WilsonModels.)


I must say that my routine went over pretty well, although I can’t tell if Bunny is laughing or snoring in the photo below.  (Hostess Bianca Del Rio is obviously in awe of a true talent!)


“A 500-pound drag queen walks into a bar…”  (Photo by WilsonModels.)


From there I dashed to Santos Party House in Tribeca to host a show by Chez Deep, a recently formed house of avant-garde queens.


BACK ROW: Sam, Hari.  FRONT ROW: Raul, Colin, Alexis, Bailey, Lain


The show was a magical gender-fuck delight—very organic and flowing—and such a contrast to “Hot Mess,” which opened with a Broadway-like number of precision dance moves and high-kicks.

The entire night reminded me that Drag covers such an incredibly wide spectrum of sensibilities—from sharp-tongued bitches in bouffants to gentle flowers exploring their feminine side.

And where do I fit in?  Everywhere—I’m versatile!


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