Today it’s the Curiosity probing Mars.  Back when I was a kid, it was the Pioneer spacecrafts blasting into outer space.

Just in case one of the Pioneers was intercepted by aliens(!), a metal plaque was included depicting humankind in the form of a naked man and woman.



ALIEN #1:  Hot bodies, but I wonder why they don’t wear clothes.

ALIEN #2:  Looks like a dull planet—Nothing but Caucasians.

There was tons of news coverage about the plaque, and after all these years I’d like to thank NASA for providing me and zillions of other horny youngsters a thrilling chance to gaze at nude bodies.  

Of course a new plaque would have to be updated.



The drag-queen video parodies continue of the Scissor Sisters‘ summer dance floor hit “Let’s Have a KiKi.”



Sherry Vine, lover of potty humor, was the first to make a splash (ha ha) with “Let’s Have a Pee Pee.”

And now two more videos have been released, both titled “Let’s Have a Kai Kai.”  In case you’re unaware, “kai kai” is slang for drag queens having sex with each other.

Version number one stars Willam, the bratty blond from last season’s episode of RuPaul’s Drag Race, and L.A. queen Rhea Litre´.

Version number two stars NYC funny gals Lady Bunny, Bianca Del Rio and Sugga Pie Koko.

Who did it better?

Willam’s version offers better production values—and she shows off her boyish body (again).

Bunny’s version is amusingly rude and crude, but why is everyone wearing their clothes in bed?  Not that we want to see them naked!

You be the judge.  An as far as future parodies, Let’s Have a Quit-Quit, motherfucker!