The DQ Express

Who should I run into going home from Thanksgiving dinner last night?   A couple of young drag queens—on the subway!

The girls were quite tipsy, and the blond slurred that it was her first time in drag.  (New queens never have coats.)


Deep beneath the city streets...
Deep beneath the city streets…


I was little nervous for the duo because not everyone on the R train was appreciative of their loudmouth antics.  But the gals were oblivious, burp, burp.

In my own drag life, I think I’ve ridden the subway like four times.  But I want to start taking it more!  Taxi fares eat up so much of my income, and public transportation is often faster. 

Other queens have told me they take the subway, and it’s not awful.   Of course, I’d have to wear sunglasses because the lighting is terrible.  And I’ll need some comfy shoes—Wedge sneakers, perhaps?

If those newbie T-Day queens can do it, so can I!


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