Brooklyn, Thou Art a Drag Queen

Move over, Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.  You’ve been replaced by a new crop of alternative drag queens from Bushwick, Bed-Stuy and other edgy ‘hoods who are eager to sing the the praises of their beloved borough.

Members of the thriving scene are profiled in a new ongoing series in the HuffingtonPost, and it is rah-rah-Brooklyn time!


The DQ known as Untitled Queen says:
“Brooklyn, particularly, now happens to be a hotbed for so many types of creative individuals and those hungry to both experience and create culture.” 



According to Merrie Cherry, founder of the Brooklyn Nightlife Awards (and who spokesmodels for me sometimes at my Bingo gigs):
“I love Brooklyn very much and hope to call it home for a very long time… There are so many creative and freaky people here and I just wanted them to be acknowledged.”



 Scarlet Envy says:
“The Brooklyn queer scene is a conglomeration of love and energy that is executed beautifully.”



And according to Amber Alert:
“…When you go out to see a drag show in Brooklyn, you are going to see something that you have never seen before and will never have the opportunity to see again…”



Sounds fabulous!  I’ve been complaining about Manhattan for years and I gotta check out this new and exotic scene.  I will alert my limo driver immediately.  Queeny Brooklyn, here I come!


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