Listen to Me As I Yakkity-Yak with Funny Gal Julie Klausner

Check it out! I’m the featured guest on the new episode of How Was Your Week?, the popular podcast from comedian-actress Julie Klausner.

Listen to it HERE.




I’ve known Julie for a while, but this is the first time we’ve really had an extended conversation, and I gotta give her credit for being a great and insightful interviewer. Our conversation was mostly about my life and times as a drag queen—you know, the ancient history stuff that I won’t shut up about!

The actual taping occurred a couple of weeks ago, and since then Julie has been a busy bee. She filmed a pilot for a new TV show called Difficult People,  produced by Amy Poehler and co-starring Julie and Billy Eichner!

I hope she becomes a huge star so I can say, “Honey, I’ve know Julie forever, I was even a guest on her podcast. We taped it in her kitchen!”




One thought on “Listen to Me As I Yakkity-Yak with Funny Gal Julie Klausner”

  1. OMG, you look just like her! Now when you do your infamous Christine Baranski impersonation, you can then turn your wig around and become Julie Klausner. I see a full length cabaret show in your future.

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