Wigstock, I Remember

If Wigstock was still on Labor Day, there would be a lot of soggy wigs today. It’s raining in NYC.

But the outdoor drag festival hasn’t occurred in years, which is rather a shame. No matter what the weather, it was always a hoot.

Personally, I was never a great Wigstock act. Well, maybe one or two years I was a success. I mostly just liked hanging out with everyone.

I guess that’s the kind of drag queen I am—sociable and easy to please!

Behold a few Wigstock memories:


I took this photo at the very first Wigstock I attended in 1986 (It was founded the previous year).  Lady Bunny, looking quite different than her current incarnation, hosted in the crumbling bandshell of Tompkins Square Park.


I can’t remember off-hand what year this was… It was the early 1990s. Posing for me are Miss Understood and Coco.


Linda Simpson wigstock drag explosion drag queen
This was Wigstock ’94, the first year it moved to the West Side piers. I’m happy because my performance had gone really well. Also, I had just smoked a joint!


Darling, it’s drag her-story!


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