Whew, my Scorpio season was nonstop. Among the highlights…

*Celebrating the 30th(!) anniversary of chic Indochine restaurant.
Me and an army of queens and freaks were brought in to add some pizazz. Thanks to Miss Understood for inviting me.

Sherry Vine and me preparing to entertain the guests.


*Hanging out at my favorite new gay party, “Pretty Ugly,” at Diamond Horseshoe.
My new Saturday-night hangout is a restored 1930s nightclub in the basement of the Paramount hotel. I wish the lights weren’t so dark, and the place could use a few more drag queens… But it’s definitely a fun place to explore—plus it’s right around the corner from my apartment! The main promoter is Erich Conrad, who used to throw the long-running Beige party. And one of the DJs is my pal Tommy Hottpants.

Clad in my Chinese dress (again!) at Diamond Horseshoe. The staircase entryway is like an art installation!


*Presenting my slideshow extravaganza, The Drag Explosion, at the Wild Project, with special guest star Sweetie.
We had a blast yakking about our formative drag years of the early 1990s. In fact, I couldn’t get her to shut up. Kidding, she was fab!

Back in the dressing room. Not bad for a couple of old gals!


*Attending MIX, the annual queer experimental film festival.
Each year the festival transforms a raw space into a queer fantasy land, and this year’s location—a Brooklyn warehouse—was the most spectacular yet. The theme was a beehive!

With Diego, in front of some of his incredible designs for MIX.


*Presenting The Drag Explosion again!
This time, my special guest was Michael Formika Jones, a.k.a. Misstress Formika. Afterwards, we retired to nearby Lumiere restaurant and celebrated my birthday eve.

Do we look like we’re in Paris?


I like being productive and active around my birthday. It’s my time to shine!


After this coming Wednesday, 11/26, you’ll have to wait until next year to play with me and Murray Hill at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club.

We’re taking a break for the holidays. Then we’ll be back with more Bingo in 2015.

Hope you can join us for our final night of the year. Once again, Lola Star Souvenir Boutique is supplying the prizes. Tons of great stuff!




In the meanwhile, you can always play with me on Saturdays at Le Poisson Rouge!