Fantasy #3

“I enjoy being a girl,” sang Bruce as he admired his new manicure.
Slam! The bedroom door flew open. It was Kris. She was livid, clutching the latest issue of “Paparazzi Weekly.” She flung the tabloid at him.
On the cover were two photos—him strolling the beach in a silky robe, and her jogging without makeup. “Sexy Bruce Outshines Dumpy Kris” screamed the headline.
“Satisfied, hubby?,” she snarled. With both hands she tightly squeezed Bruce’s tits. As he struggled to break free, she grabbed his cock.
“I’ve got one thing you still don’t,” she yelled. “Do you miss my big cunt?”
Bruce could feel himself getting hard. “Yes,” he gasped. “Let me lick my mommy…”

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