Fantasy #6

“My guest tonight is Caitlyn Jenner, making his—I mean her—first appearance on FOX News,” said Sean Hannity. He was smirking, and his mix-up was obviously on purpose.
“As a fellow Republican I’m pleased to be here,” answered Caitlyn.
“Did you say fellow?” chuckled Sean.
Caitlyn grinned, but she wasn’t happy. Why was he making fun of her when they shared the same political beliefs?
“So I’m guessing your mom must be pretty upset about your sex change,” continued Sean.
“No, she’s actually very happy, and I…”
“Is she senile?” interrupted Sean. “Or blind?”
Caitlyn slowly stood up. “How dare you talk about my mother.”
Sean wouldn’t stop. “What you going to do? Hit me with your big man hands?”
“You fucking asshole,” bellowed Caitlyn. Pow! Her fist hit his mouth and he went flying off the desk.” She turned around and faced the camera, raising her bloody fist to the air.
“Trans Power!,” she yelled, “Trans Power!” Her political awakening had begun…

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