“What did you think?” asked Caitlyn. She and her trans “sisters” Candis Cayne and Laverne Cox had just watched the debut of “My Name is Cait” in a screening room at E! studios.
“Very affirming,” said Laverne. “You’re helping demystify the trans experience.”
“Whatever,” muttered Candis, rolling her eyes. She put her arm around Caitlyn. ““I can’t wait until the episode where we go roller-skating. It’s too bad they couldn’t include you in the show, Laverne.”
Laverne sneered. “My schedule is very busy. Something you wouldn’t know anything about.”
“Now girls…” said Caitlyn, trying to calm the situation. Why were her gals pals being so catty?”
Candis wasn’t done. “Listen, Laverne, if it wasn’t for me paving the way you’d still be slinging chow mein at Lucky Cheng’s.”
“Thanks, grandma,” shot back Laverne.
“You bitch!,” yelled Candis, as she lunged towards Laverne and slapped her across the face! Laverne quickly recovered and began pulling Candis’s thick mane of hair. “I’ll kill you,” she screamed.
Caitlyn couldn’t believe it! “Girls, we’re all in this together!” she yelled. “Stop it, stop it!”
Suddenly Candis and Laverne burst out laughing. And look who had just entered the room—Ashton Kutcher! “We’re back,” he exclaimed. “For another episode of “Punk’d Strikes Again!”
“Oh my God…You darn trouble-makers!,” said Caitlyn, as she started laughing, too.” I’m going to have to give you two girls a spanking!”

Correspondent Linda Simpson here with the latest gossip…


On the


…Did you catch the photos of Drag Race alumni Violet Chachki and Miss Fame in Paris for the recent couture shows?  The girls were there to attend a Miu Miu fragrance launch—and they turned it out! So chic!


Work those waists!


Meanwhile, back in the good ol’ USA, I spent 4th of July with burlesque performer Lil’Miss Lix as she demonstrated her love of brewski and the stars and stripes!


Star-Spangled Burp!


And on the horizon… Wigstock, the famed outdoor drag fest, is returning as a maritime event. I’m gonna be a part of it!




See you on the poop deck!


This is our first summer of offering Le Bingo on both Fridays and Saturdays…. and it’s been a blast!

We’ve doubled the fun, with loads of prizes, laughs, and winners. Oodles of winners!

An aspiring actor won the world’s smallest saxophone—and then nabbed the big cash jackpot! With spokesmodel Minx Arcana.


Our grand champion loaded up on Bingo cards, and it paid off big time! With spokesmodel Lola Copacabana.


For Fourth of July weekend, we gave away Uncle Sam! With spokesmodel Sizzle Dizzle.


I love posing with happy players!