Fantasy #8

“Group hug!” yelled Caitlyn.
On cue, she and her trans posse—Candis, Chandi and Blossom—cuddled in the dressing room of a Hollywood strip club. They were all dressed in peekaboo lingerie, ready to be filmed for a new episode of I Am Cait.
“I’m shaking like a leaf,” confessed Caitlyn. “But exploring my female sensuality is a vital part of my journey. Thank you all for helping me.”
Candis went first, strutting down the club’s runway and executing a majestic spin on the stripper pole. Some male extras had been hired to play audience members, and one of them stuck a $20 bill in Candis’ lacy bra as she lowered her ample cleavage for him.
Chandi followed, but her routine was less graceful as she slipped and landed on her behind. She saved the moment by energetically dry humping the runway. “Yes, Chandi, work it!” yelled Blossom.
Now it was Caitlyn’s turn. She took a deep breath, then headed down the runway, swaying her hips in a deliberately provocative manner. Upon reaching the pole she grabbed it with both hands, lifted her entire body off the ground and did three complete spins in a row. Everyone in the room gasped at her strength!
As she landed, there was a handsome gentlemen waiting to give her a tip.
“Like what you see?” purred Caitlyn, as she pulled down the elastic waistband of her pink thong.
“Yes, I do,” answered her admirer. As he reached forward, Caitlyn grabbed his hand and stuffed it inside her thong. His eyes went wide as he felt her crotch.
She knew her actions would be too X-rated to air, but she was living the fantasy. Never before had she felt so sexually liberated…

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