Happy Hallo-Queen!

I love that Halloween in NYC is more about adults than children.

Kids in costume = Cute

Grown-ups in costume = Fantasia!


Because I host Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge on weekends, my holiday started on Friday with a casual devilish look. Without the horns could I pass for Little Red Riding Hood?


On Saturday, I opted for clown attire, and hung out after my Bingo gig at Le Poisson Rouge’s weekly ’80s party. Not normally my scene, but I had a blast! And I knew all the songs!


On Halloween itself, I was back in clown mode, socializing with friends at my apartment and then wandering over to Times Square.


Times Square is usually kind of obnoxious, but it’s a great for Halloween, including meeting new friends like Chucky!


Blessed by Jesus, who is now a bit older and working as a photographer.


Congrats to my friend Alex for his first time in drag. Serving butch & femme!


My fave photo from the night! Alex being engulfed by Samir’s golden wings!


That was my third year in a row hanging out in Times Square for Halloween. So I guess it’s a tradition… I’ll be back, hopefully in something new!


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