Rossy de Palma is That You?

On the eve of Trump’s inauguration, what better way to escape the doom-and-gloom than to go to the cinema?

My welcome relief was Julieta, the latest creation by Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. Like many of his other films, it’s a psychological study of complicated women, and filled with fantastic acting. While there’s some humor, it’s mostly a serious movie about grief and longing. I was totally absorbed and didn’t want it to stop.



The cast includes one of his favorite actresses Rossy de Palma in a decidedly unglamorous role as a housekeeper.



She was so convincing in the role that I wondered if that’s what Rossy actually looks like now. But in promo photos for the movie she still looks exotically glamorous.


Almodovar in the middle, Rosie on the right.


Gracias Pedro and crew for the entertainment!


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