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The NY Times, New York Magazine and Time Out Magazine all agree:
Playing Bingo with Linda is a Blast!

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What’s Black & White and Winning All Over?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I love how artist Jeffrey Lewis has covered the entire Gallery Bar at Le Poisson Rouge with his cartoon illustrations.


frq - 1 (1)


It makes for a delightful background for our action-packed games of Le Bingo!


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Halloween at Le Bingo was a Scream!

LE BINGO at Le Poisson Rouge on Halloween was a hoot and a holler!

Lots of great costumes and all sorts of naughty fun.

A new art installation by Jeffrey Lewis—his cartoons cover the entire Gallery Bar—made for a perfect black-and-white backdrop!

Thanks to one and all who made the night such a smash.



I opted for leopard-print glam for Halloween.



Spokesmodel Lal Batti dressed as me, Linda Simpson… Hmm, you be the judge.



A Pharaoh and her phriend.



Rock & roll royalty Axel Rose and Slash!



Winners of our costume contest, Adele and A Dell Guy!



Le Poisson Rouge employee Tanis conjured David Bowie.


Enjoy more great photos at our Facebook Page.


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Halloween Weekend! It’s Time for BOO-ingo!

juyt - 1

Scream With Delight as You Win Trick or Treat Bags Filled With Goodies and Cash!


Don’t Be Scared, It’s Time To Win!

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Yes, I Will Pose For Your Blurry Photos!

Someone’s hands were a little shaky…
But I still love this shot of me, spokesmodel Lal Batti, and excited players at Le Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge!


540 - 1


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We’re Taking One Night Off… on 9/26/15


LE BINGO at Le Poisson Rouge will only be occurring on Fri, Sept 25th.
(No games on Sat, Sept 26th, due to a special club event.)
We resume our regular Fri & Sat schedule the following week.


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