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The NY Times, New York Magazine and Time Out Magazine all agree:
Playing Bingo with Linda is a Blast!

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What Do Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays Have in Common?

By now I’ve settled into my new weekly Bingo schedule:
*Tuesdays at Cibar Lounge
*Wednesdays at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club
*Saturdays at Le Poisson Rouge

As you can imagine, I spend most of my week shopping for glorious prizes!

Behold a few pix from my weekly adventures…



TUESDAYS AT CIBAR LOUNGE – Which one of these players won big? Answer: Zero. Better luck next time!



WEDNESDAYS AT ROYAL PALMS SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB – A winner glows in Brooklyn as she shows off her cash jackpot with spokesmodel Glace Chase!


Sh'moan Jackson Bingo Le Poisson Rouge drag

SATURDAYS AT LE POISSON ROUGE – New spokesmodel alert! Sh’Moan Jackson is now part of the Bingo crew. She loves tempting with cash!


Join the fun!  We’re waiting for YOU!

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Linda Wears Same Dress Two Night in a Row!

My vast wardrobe is not really very vast… So I end up featuring some outfits rather regularly.

For instance, on Tuesday, I wore a sparkly number to Cibar Lounge:


TUESDAYS AT CIBAR LOUNGE In between flowers and cock.


And then on Wednesday, the very next day, I wore it again to Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club:


In front of the club’s pink flamingo bathroom wallpaper!


I’m a working gal with a working wardrobe!


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Latest Bingo Winners—And Linda Turns Over A New Leaf!

Whew, it’s been a busy Bingo week!

Tuesday at Cibar Lounge continues to be thoroughly entertaining. At the end of the night, all the winners posed for a glorious group shot as they showed off their prizes.


TUESDAYS AT CIBAR LOUNGE Best Poser Award goes to the guy with the umbrella!




Our second week of Wednesdays at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club was even more packed than our smash opening. Everyone is buzzing about this incredible new space—in Gowanus, Brooklyn!

WEDNESDAYS AT ROYAL PALMS SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB Grand champion and spokesmodel Sylvia London get photo-bombed by a prankster player!


The accolades include this fantastic write-up in Next Magazine!

Blog Post 3

WEDNESDAYS AT ROYAL PALMS SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB Murray and I with Royal Palms proprietors Jonathan and Ashley in front of the venue’s shuffleboard courts.




And at Le Bingo, on Saturdays at Le Poisson Rouge, I tried to strangle guest spokesmodel Sylvia London…


LE BINGO ON SATURDAYS AT LE POISSON ROUGE Sylvia’s neck was irresistible!

However, that will be my last strangling. I realize I’ve been a little harsh on the Bingo spokesmodels lately, and it’s time for me to tone down my stinging ways. From this moment forth, expect a new, improved Linda who treats one and all with dignity and respect (and an occasional withering put-down).


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Here’s My Updated Bingo Schedule

My weekly Bingo gigs have dramatically increased!
Just so things are clear, here’s a summary of my new schedule.


*ON TUESDAYS, I now host at lovely and delightful Cibar Lounge, just a couple blocks away from Gramercy Park. For most people, it’s an undiscovered gem—I was shocked to learn that it’s been in business for 20 years! My weekly sidekick Sultana is known as the “queen of the Middle East Village” and is 100% nutty!

TUESDAYS AT CIBAR LOUNGE Latest big winner poses with cash, floral trimmings and Sultana!

TUESDAYS AT CIBAR LOUNGE Latest big winner poses with cash, floral trimmings and Sultana!



*ON WEDNESDAYS, I co-host with Murray Hill at Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. This is my first Brooklyn venture, and it is a doozie! Last week’s debut was a smash success, and the crowd was bowled over by the mammoth space, which includes shuffleboard courts, three different bars, an indoors food truck, and a big stage for Bingo.

The interior design is top-notch, with lots of attention paid to every little detail!


WEDNESDAYS AT ROYAL PALMS SHUFFLEBOARD CLUB This photo from the NY Daily News is of the bathrooms’ stunning pink-flamingo wallpaper!



*ON SATURDAYS, I host Le Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge. By now, this long-running game-night has become an institution. How many winners have there been all together? A million, a zillion? LPR is my home away from home, and I will be hosting Bingo there until I die!


LE BINGO ON SATURDAYS AT LE POISSON ROUGE Guest hostess Peppermint poses with an ecstatic winner!



LE BINGO ON SATURDAYS AT LE POISSON ROUGE Grand champion gets a crown and the chance to pose with me and guest spokesmodel Sultana!


Please join me for any or all of my weekly Bingo gigs!


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Check Out These Fab New Locations for Bingo!

Bingo is popping up at some of the nicest places in town.

Every Tuesday, I now host at pretty Cibar Lounge, which occupies the ground floor of a gracious NYC townhouse.  (There’s no sign so remember the address, 56 Irving Place, between 17th and 18th Sts.)

The interior is gorgeous, too!  Check out these pix from our debut night!



TUESDAY NIGHTS AT CIBAR LOUNGE – The room includes a stage area for me to call numbers and give away divine prizes—to you!


And on Wednesday, March 12th, I’m making my Bingo debut in Brooklyn!  I’m co-hosting with my Bingo partner-in-crime Murray Hill at a mammoth new amusement palace, The Royal Palms Shuffleboard Club. Yes, the club pays homage to the classic game of shuffleboard! And the owners have also designed a stage specifically for Bingo!

Love to have you join us for our big debut!  In hip-and-happening Gowanus!





590 wide



Bingo ain’t just fun, it’s classy!


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