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Big news!  I’m throwing a pop-up happy hour party (6:30–10pm) on Friday, March 18th, in the Gallery Lounge of Le Poisson Rouge, featuring all sorts of gender-bending entertainment.

But after calling Chris Tanner about performing, I’m torn about what to call it.

My catchy idea: “Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Drag.”  His similar-sounding suggestion: “Dippity-Do-Drag.”

“Makes more sense, you fucker!” he bellowed.  “Drag queens wear wigs.  And Dippity Do is the name of a hair gel.”

Chris Tanner sucking.

He does have a point.  Zip-A-Dee-Do-Drag?  Dippity-Do-Drag?

Hmm, which one should I choose?

It is my honor to have been a witness, with camera in hand, to so many great moments in African-American drag history.

Afrodite, London Broil and Ebony Jet reviving the fabled “Afro” hairstyle.

Mona Foot receiving her first Glammy Award and breaking off its head.

Peppermint fighting for the right to wear slinky thongs.

Milan crusading for dental hygiene.

Shaquanda Coca Mulatta refashioning the black power salute.

Right on!

Confirmed!  Promoter and nightlife sensation Ladyfag has asked me to join her this Saturday as a guest host at her weekly mix-mingle-and-dance affair, Family Function.

The location is the East Village bar Woody’s, which I rather like for its slick décor.  It’s a nice change from the “gay rustic” motif favored by most of the neighborhood’s homo haunts, including Woody’s next-door neighbors, Urge and the Cock.  (The block is a bar-hopper’s delight!)

My job duties for Function Function include socializing and sipping cocktails.  I think I can do it!

Love to have you join me!

(As you’ll notice, I’ve included Family Function in my Events Calendar on my Home Page.  It’s where I list all my upcoming appearances.)

After receiving a historical photo yesterday, out of the blue I got some more today from my friend Thairin in California.   One in particular struck a chord.

On the left is a baby-faced Justin Bond, who Thairin didn’t realize I had just written about the other day.  (I reported on her name change to Justin Vivian Bond.)

On the right is my wondrous friend Page, who no longer walks the Earth.

Or does she?

After I got the photo I happened to look at my datebook.  It’s Page’s birthday.

I know this sounds a bit wacky, but this is hardly the first time that Page has sent me a psychic message—from beyond the grave!  I guess she got Thairin in on the action this time, too.

Happy Birthday Page!  Thanks for reminding me!


(Thairin also posted about our encounter!  At the WOW Report, the blog from the production company World of Wonder.)

I was delighted to get an old photo from my friend Mario today.  He shot it at Wigstock 1993 as we strolled around Tompkins Square Park.

I’m pictured with two legends:  Next to me is dearly departed Leigh Bowery, the amazing nightlife/fashion/art icon.  On the left is Mr. Pearl, the famed corset maker and fetishist.

Leigh would hop over from London fairly often and rampage through New York’s nightclubs.  When we first met I was so flattered that he knew who I was!  I think he kept pretty close tabs on NYC’s queen scene.

Mr. Pearl used to live in the East Village, but he returned to London years ago to dedicate himself to his craft and shrinking his waist to 18 inches!

Later that day Leigh performed a jaw-dropping “birth.”

The only thing more bizarre was me wearing a halter top!

Have you heard the latest about my girlfriend Justin Bond, the gender-fluid star of NYC’s avant-garde cabaret scene?

In a revealing brand-new essay on her website, she announces some big changes in her life to conform with her transgender identity.  (I heard the scoop beforehand through the gay grapevine.)

First of all, she’s altering her name to the more feminine sounding Justin Vivian Bond.  Very grande-dame!

The clever performer has also brainstormed on newfangled, nonconformist ways to describe herself.  From now on her preferred prefix is Mx (pronounced “Mix”).  Her preferred pronoun is “V.”  How modern!

Also, Mx Bond has decided to start hormone treatments.

“Not to become a woman,” V writes, “But in order to actualize what I’ve always known myself to be—a trans person.  I want my body to be a declaration and physical manifestation of my transgendered spirit.”

In other words, Hello training bra!  Can’t wait to see your new jugs, Mx Thing!

Kidding!  I wish Justin Vivian Bond all the best as V travels down a brave and enlightened path of self-acceptance!