Today I went shopping on the Fulton Mall in downtown Brooklyn (for wigs). It’s mostly new chain stores now, but there’s still some old-school flavor.

No, I wasn’t looking for wigs there!


Last night I took part in Sherry Vine‘s celebration at Industry Bar for her 25th year in showbiz. I was brought on for sentimental value—I gave her her first gig in NYC. (And for that I deeply apologize to everyone.)

Me cringing on stage as Sherry blabs away. (Photo by Seth Clark Silberman)


Bob the Drag Queen hosted. She referred to Sherry and I as the new “Frankie and Grace!”



It’s been so nice to see the vast outpouring of love and affection over the past few days for my dearly departed friend Sweetie. Some very moving and wonderful tributes. She loved playing the momma role and she had a lot of kids.
She and I were more like sisters. We laughed, gossiped, collaborated and whored around together. We had our spats too, but they were trivial. Most of all we had a lot of mutual respect for each other, which is always a sign of a good friendship.
Did you know she died on her late mom’s birthday? She adored her mom… So it was no coincidence that she left us when she did.
All my thoughts right now are filled with memories of Sweetie.
We had one hell of a time together…


I was going to get together with my friend Sweetie yesterday. But it was not to be. She died the night before.

Her death was not a complete surprise. She had been bravely battling cancer for a few years and the end was near. But she did leave earlier than expected.

I wrote a quickly put together notice about her death for the WOW Report.

She and I knew each other for 26 years and I am very saddened.