Did you know it’s Drag History Month?  So decrees LGBT cable network LOGO:  “Logo celebrates those who dared to be different (and fabulous at the same time) with a loving tribute to the brave drag queens and kings who have contributed to our nation’s rich cultural heritage.”

So how come I wasn’t contacted?  I’m historical (yet young) and brave (yet femmy) and have made a huge impact on our culture (Yes!).

Oh well, at least it’s an excuse to post more old photos.  After all, it’s Drag History Month!


WHEN: April, 1991

WHERE: Carnegie Hall

WHAT: Downtown drag bohemia infiltrates NYC’s most prestigious music hall when avant-garde darling John Kelly performs a concert as his operatic alter-ego, Dagmar Onassis.

How do you get to Carnegie Hall? Do drag!


Tabboo! and me as a blond!


Nan Goldin, Tabboo! and Siobhan


Madame as Ekaterina Bachinskaya and John Kelly


Sister Dimension applied a wart to the tip of her high-society nose.


Pearl, Charlie Atlas, Kate and Richard


Byron Suber, munching at the reception.


Ice cream! Tom Rubnitz, Sister Dimension and Pearl


What fabulous inspiration for a historical TV mini-series!  Are you listening, LOGO?

I grew up obsessed with the world of Andy Warhol.  Amazingly, I’m now a work colleague of one of his famed 1960s superstars and underground film actors, Taylor Mead, who just turned an impressive 86.  (He was already middle-aged when he joined the Factory clique.)

On Mondays we have back-to-back time slots at the Bowery Poetry Club.  He reads his poetry and strolls down memory lane, then sticks around for my Bingo gig, playing along as his pills-and-liquor high kicks in.

Taylor is delightfully ornery, irreverent and trés gay.  Although he rarely remembers my name, we have a good rapport.  The evidence: My interview with him on this video reel.


Happy Birthday, Taylor!  I admire your stamina!

My guest-hosting gig last night at Family Function (at Woody’s) was quite the social affair.  Lots of yakking with friends old and new.

Promoter Ladyfag made herself easy to spot across the crowded bar by donning a stunning chapeau.

Two fag ladies.

Gotta hand it big time to the Lady for always jazzing up her surroundings!

Who’s the chick on the cover of the new issue of Next, the NYC gay nightlife magazine?

OMG!  It’s postmodern drag queen Taylor Mac, who normally serves surrealism.

For Next, photographer–makeup artist Karl Giant transformed her into a sexy glamour gal.   “I thought I’d give them fish,” says Taylor.



Her versatility has me absolutely green with envy.  After all these years I’m still trying to achieve cunty realness!

Miss Mac is promoting a new show, The Walk Across America for Mother Earth, at LaMaMa Theater.  It comes after her triumphant summer extravaganza, Lily’s Revenge, which I adored.

Pretty and talented Taylor Mac.  I’m gonna cut that bitch!

Sultana, truly one of New York’s most unique drag queens, alerted me to her new video for her original song, “No Show Lover.”  It was shot outside—in the Jordanian desert!—during one of her recent trips to the Middle East to visit relatives.  Her suitcase was filled to the brim with wardrobe changes!

Can a dance remix be far behind?

Confirmed!  Promoter and nightlife sensation Ladyfag has asked me to join her this Saturday as a guest host at her weekly mix-mingle-and-dance affair, Family Function.

The location is the East Village bar Woody’s, which I rather like for its slick décor.  It’s a nice change from the “gay rustic” motif favored by most of the neighborhood’s homo haunts, including Woody’s next-door neighbors, Urge and the Cock.  (The block is a bar-hopper’s delight!)

My job duties for Function Function include socializing and sipping cocktails.  I think I can do it!

Love to have you join me!

(As you’ll notice, I’ve included Family Function in my Events Calendar on my Home Page.  It’s where I list all my upcoming appearances.)