Gay Marriage in 1988! In My Comrade Magazine!

Way back in 1988, gay marriage was considered so unbelievable and unattainable, that it was a fantasy story-line in the underground magazine that I used to publish, My Comrade.

Little did we realize that 23 years later(!), same-sex weddings would become legal in New York.

The images are fuzzy Xeroxes, but obviously still quite relevant!


The cover featured DJ Keoki and downtown sex symbol Aner Candelario…

The all-photo issue featured a visit to The Institute of Homosexual Inclination by a correspondent (Lisa Lederer) from the television news magazine Sixty Photos.

Director of the Institute was drag queen Hapi Phace.  Aner served as a guide.

Priest: Tommie Saeli.  Happy couple: Flloyd and Chris Corey.



Radical images indeed—now and then!

Photos by John Boyer and Keith Kotick (R.I.P.).

3 thoughts on “Gay Marriage in 1988! In My Comrade Magazine!”

  1. Oh Linda ,
    Your once apon a time Farce is now reality!!It only takes 20 years! Only a lifetime!

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