Does Wikipedia Hate Drag Queens?

I’m not sure how Wikipedia chooses images for its drag queen articles, but flattering photos are obviously not a priority.

The article on Wigstock, the famed outdoor drag festival, is accompanied by a "comical" image of founder Lady Bunny and Sherry Vine at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival. How utterly random!


For her article, NYC performer Hedda Lettuce gets a lovely caught-in-mid-sentence shot.


Lucky porn director Chi Chi LaRue is provided with a stark daytime portrait.


Drag legend Divineā€”unretouched and poorly-cropped.


They couldn't find a photo of Dame Edna looking at the camera?


RuPaul's pix include this out-of-drag gotcha shot.


The evidence is clear: Wikipedia is a threat to the well-being and looks of the drag community!


2 thoughts on “Does Wikipedia Hate Drag Queens?”

  1. Wikipedia has plenty of drag queen articles with great pictures:

    The problem is that Wikipedia prefers amateur photos over no photos, so you end up with lots of subpar images. The best way to fix this problem is for drag queens to donate images of themselves to Wikipedia.

  2. I’m sorry if anyone feel poorly represented by these awful unglamorous shots. If you have a better personal photo of a drag queen or want to release your own quality photo, then goto and follow instructions. Remember that Wikipedia needs photos that are free for commercial reuse and derivatives.

    If you have had particular problems you can email me to discuss them at or you can confidentially contact our volunteer helpers by email (I’m one of them) at info-en(at)

    Wikimedia UK trustee

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