This photo, believe it or not, is from three years ago at Yoko Ono’s 80th birthday party.



I was hosting Bingo at Le Poisson Rouge and then wandered into the main room for her celebration. The decor included this tree covered with tags of spiritual sayings about peace, love, etc.

I even got to see her perform on stage for her friends and family!

No one minded that I was a drag-queen stranger, it was a groovy gathering.


What’s on my mind? The odd developments in the new Trump reality:

*The Left now finds itself in the position of having to defend the CIA and FBI as great and honest institutions, both of which have a long history of undermining progressive causes and governments.

*CNN is a pretty crappy news network, full of sensationalism and fluff, but when Trump denounces it as “fake news,” all of a sudden it seems like a beacon of truth and integrity.

*Sex liberationists long for a world where unconventional sex acts aren’t condemned or stigmatized, but when it’s rumored that Trump is into golden showers… Well, then it’s really icky and gross!

*Real News = Fake News. Fake News = Real News.

Wowie-zowie, how are we gonna get out of this mess?



The New York Giants are being crucified in the local press for losing a vital football game on Sunday after many of them spent the previous week vacationing in Miami. How dare they party so hard that they didn’t have energy left for the field!

Anyway, I love the photo of the teammates cruising on a boat. So sexy!


Baby, my ship was sunk until I saw you!


Did you catch the Golden Globes?

I invited over some wise-cracking fags to watch the program and had a great time. (It’s really the only way to watch any awards show.)

I can’t wait to see the movie Nocturnal Animals based on Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s win for supporting actor. What a hunk!



And I was delighted that Moonlight won best drama motion picture. I thought it was fantastic, although I can’t imagine it being widely popular with American audiences. It’s too sensitive and nuanced (and gay) for the masses.



Speaking of the masses… I admired Merly Streep’s impassioned anti-Trump speech, but I think she shot herself in the foot by seeming to dismiss football as a dumb pursuit compared to cinema.



For Middle America football is more revered than religion. (I know from having grown up in Minnesota in a sports-crazed environment.) Unfortunately, she provided ammunition for the right-wing press to decry that Hollywood is out of touch and elitist.

In football terms, she fumbled the ball. Or globes. Whatever!


Even if you don’t communicate with a friend for many years the bond is still strong… I found out that my friend Lisa Lederer died recently in Seattle.



We met in the 1980s and I have so many great memories of hanging out for many years with her and her best friend Claire. (We were all from Minnesota and got to know each other in NYC.)


Lisa and Claire


Lisa was wonderfully complex and a very brave person, always ready for adventure. I assumed we would come back into each other lives… I’m so sorry that didn’t get to happen.