Top Floor, Please!

According to some people, whatever you’re doing on New Year’s Eve is how you’ll spend the rest of the year.  Well, guess where I was as the clock struck midnight and we entered 2014.   On an elevator, frantically racing to get to a party.  I missed the whoop-de-doo by a few seconds.

I ended up having a blast at the party, but will I be spending all of 2014 running behind schedule?  For instance, posting this New Year’s greeting on Jan 5th!

Or does the elevator incident symbolize that it’s my year to ascend to the top?!  Last year, I accomplished a ton of stuff, and hopefully laid the groundwork for even more success this year.   A little lateness once in a while isn’t gonna stop me from rising up, up, up!

HAPPY 2014!  I wish you all the best!


Boys & Bubbly!
Boys & Bubbly!  Off to a great start!


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